BeFriending Yourself Through Light Stress Reduction

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How would you like to be yourself?  To give yourself the chance to relax into who you are now, without all the stress of old burdens, fears, doubts, and memories?

A lot of people work hard, meditate a lot, clean the body and mind, just to have glimpses of this real self, the present person.

Because it’s worth it.

And now there is another support, a light way of reducing the tension and stress that keeps you in the past, and opens the way for living the potential of who you are now.

It’s called The Blue Brain light frequency device.

It is personal: the size of your hand.  Quick: takes around 20 minutes to run a cycle. And effective: old memories of stress and limitation dissolve with each use.

Have you ever wondered what keeps us in old, repetitive patterns even when we know something better is possible?The answer is simple.  Part of our mind stays in the past, even as we live in the present.

Our body carries memories that are stronger than the awareness of our present  mind.

These memories are held in the tension patterns we carry in the body.  Any muscles or tight tissues hold memory patterns, and give us the feeling of these old memories still being real in our present life.

Old tensions bind us to old memories, and give us the feeling of being someone who is still in the past.  The tighter and stronger these tensions are, the more we will think and act from their restricted points of view.

Enter the Blue Brain.  The Blue Brain is small, hand sized device that puts out light in various frequency patterns.  When the Blue Brain is placed over the solar plexus, the colors of the light and the frequency patterns it offers communicate through the rich nerve complexes into the subconscious mind.  The light coaxes relaxation out of the body and mind, and opens the way for a fresh start, a new sense of possibilities.  Layer by layer, the color light opens the way for the body mind to let go of old restrictions and come into the discovery of present time living.

Brain device

Blue Brain Possibilities

Sometimes it helps when you think of a difficult issue as you put the blue brain or trauma program on the body.  Hold the thought of the difficult issue/feeling in mind while the light frequencies dissolve the tensions around it.  Then there is often a sense of relaxation and new clarity, new insight, and/or new options opening up.

Many people use it every day for about three weeks.  They report amazing things happening as the stress patterns in the solar plexus relax and open.  There is so much more flow through the whole body and mind.  Also a sense of releasing an old identity pattern that is held in the tension in the solar plexus.

Another interesting possibility—hmmmmmm—is for you to put the light on your body and send it through you to her and/or any other members of the family who are in stress.  You see the other person in their stress mode, and hold that picture in your mind as you use either of the first two frequency patterns on your own body.  This works through the family field and can be quite powerful and heart opening as well.

If you are a therapist, many therapists routinely offer the blue brain as part of their therapy sessions. Whether it is body work, or counseling, the light frequencies on the solar plexus really help in relaxing and opening.  Makes your normal work deeper, and more efficient with less effort.

Usually the body will not release more than we can handle.  However, if the releases are deep and quick, it may be a good idea to take some time for the digesting of the experiences before moving into the next one.

Blue Brain Feedback:

  • A bodyworker said that nearly every client he used it on had a release. Some emotional, some into a quiet, peaceful meditative flow.
  • One person used it before giving a presentation. Said after that the presentation went smoothly, easily without any tension or stress.  Couldn’t believe it!
  • One person used it for stress reduction. Reported a 70% drop in stress levels after using it for three days consecutively.

For a session with the BlueBrain, please contact Nishant Matthews

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