Activating Inner Guidance


There is a time when the long winter is ending, and spring is almost here. Some daffodils bravely blossom, even knowing that one more snow is on its way. Brave little yellow fellows, bringing a delicate strong promise of color, playfulness, re-birth to a weary winter’s landscape.

There are also times when one way of life is ending, and a new one is beginning.

As a meditator and therapist for 50 years, I’m excited. The things I have been searching for–that many are searching for–are coming out like the first daffodils in spring. Truth, Love, hope, trust, freedom, insight, spontaneous joy, inspiration, healing, release, promise….daffodils of 2024. A truly new sanity settling in.

In these times of transition, each of us challenged to renew our sense of self. That’s what winter/spring does. Winter takes away the old, spring births new life that is fresh, straight from the Source.

Activating your Guidance Systems will be a breath of spring’s fresh air. A chance to wake up from the winter of a 1000 conflicting voices around you telling you what to do, and a numbed out inner self which doesn’t know. We will invite you into a meditative depth which calls out the real light from your heart, the fresh eyes from your eyes. Here you will learn to de-code the signals of your inner self, to recognize what its true guidance is saying. You will get the taste and feel of your real guidance, the places where journeying from true to more true take you. The skill of going beyond separate self to teamworking with the universe and the lights you turn on.

Winter eyes

  • There is something wrong with me
  • I have to improve myself
  • Survival and money run my life
  • I am scared of who I am under the surface
  • I want, I need, I depend on others
  • I don’t know what my guidance is
  • I live according to the rules of the past

Spring eyes

  • I have a basic goodness
  • I accept my full manifestations
  • I live according to truth and authenticity
  • I can journey myself and always find the good
  • I share my love freely, rest in my authenticity
  • I am happy to team with life to discover
  • I embrace my unfolding, living mystery

You will learn the arts of journeying yourself, the taste of real truth, the experience of your love activating a spring world. Here you will bathe in the new sanity that these times are offering.
It’s a time of deep refreshment. Soul nourishment. Teamworking. Love. And more.

Practical information

Where: Casa de Madeira, Park Hotel Val Monte, Berg en Dal Netherlands
Timing: Each day from 10.00-18.00h. Come early for tea/coffee.
Team: Akhail Matthews, John van der Rest, Esther Schenkel, Marleen Koorenhof
Contribution: €450. Receipts provided on request.
Bank info: Empowering Presence  IBAN NL64BUNQ 2052 158 073
To register:
Early Bird Discount: €410 if paid by March 1 2024