session buddhas belly

A Buddha’s Belly

When stress builds up in our belly, we lose the inner peace and strong grounding of our Buddha Belly.   We can easily feel tired, stressed, mentally over-worked, and not at home in our self.

A Buddha’s belly session is for bringing back the natural harmony in your whole body, especially in the belly.   It features the Re-Set technique which has been developed by Nishant Matthews for working with women after birth and also for working with all people after physical and emotional trauma.

In pregnancy and birthing, a mother’s body goes through a lot of changes.  Recovering from these changes can happen simply and naturally, but often there is a residue of stress and tension left in the belly, especially after difficult deliveries.

Similarly, people who have had surgeries or other intensive medical treatments will also experience a body that isn’t quite in harmony with itself, a body whose natural energetics have been disturbed.

The Re-Set Technique is a simple, direct way of bringing the energy patterns in the core area of the body—the lower belly, or Hara—back into their natural flow.  It gently releases  tension and stress at the speed that the body is ready to handle.  Usually within one to three treatments there is a new smile back on your  face, a wonderful feeling of “I am back again”. The technique takes less than an hour to apply.  It will be combined with color light and flower essences as appropriate.


Time: 1 hour

Contact: Nishant Matthews