Taking your place
in a changing world

Training, 24-27 October 2024

When you live your love, Peace naturally comes.
Out of the embrace of Peace, Silence naturally arises.
In the big Field of Silence, you discover your real Light.
Each time, every time, every day.

Love can seem like a mystery and a far away goal. It isn’t. You can do it. You can. Love is as natural to you as having lungs that breathe and a heart that beats. It is as natural as flying is to a bird.

Living love can feel almost impossible in a changing world that pressures us from all directions. In the feeling of being pressured, we lose contact with the part of ourselves where love naturally flows, and turn to the reactive protection system we know to protect us. That sense of self is always past-oriented, and is guaranteed to miss the mark of these times now.

The real you is present oriented. The Inspired you has roots even into the future.

You can do it!

We can do it. We can come out of the reactive, child centered-world and into the open fields of true authentic living, the real ground we stand in.
Especially when we know how.

The Earth is going through a new birth now. Enormous changes at all levels. We are invited into the energy of the new earth—it is what we are made for. It is what we naturally tune to when we are quiet, in our light, living our love, and energizing our environment with our Presence. When dare to be Here, dare to offer our real heart to the life around us.

Akhail specializes in guiding people into these new resource fields. Being present as we get new heart, new eyes, new energy, and a deeper connection with Life itself. For these remarkable journeys, a good guide is very helpful. Someone who knows the way, someone who can count on the transformative nature of the heart, and help you to stand in that same understanding.

Of course, any journey of re-friending ourselves always means meeting aspects of our selves that we consider good, and many that we don’t. It takes courage to step forward into an adult path of love. This means understanding that to really live our love, we need to be fully ourselves. The more real we are, the more real is our love.

In the training with Akhail, we share many new heartskills which re-center us out of our fragmented personality systems into our natural adult self. Each step of inclusiveness leads to a bigger heart. More understanding, more connections. The really owned dark and the really owned light merge in our hearts and create gentle, kind, loving, and fully empowered people. People with Presence. People who know the ways of love. In all of its sizes, shapes, forms, challenges, and invitations.

  • A clearer understanding of what is happening now.
  • A new realizing our place in it.
  • Recovering the power of our tender heart to change the world.
  • Reclaiming your authentic Points of Power.
  • Clarity about your biggest limitation here, and was to deal with that.
  • Deep level karmic healing for yourself and others.
  • Recovering the fun and delight of being you, being able to invite others into the same.

You will learn the arts of journeying yourself, the taste of real truth, the experience of your love activating a spring world. Here you will bathe in the new sanity that these times are offering.
It’s a time of deep refreshment. Soul nourishment. Teamworking. Love. And more.

Practical information

Where: Casa de Madeira, Park Hotel Val Monte, Berg en Dal Netherlands
Timing: Thursday, Friday, Saturdag from 10.00-18.00h. Sunday from 10.00-16.00h. Tea and snack provided.
Team: Akhail Matthews, John van der Rest, Esther Schenkel, Marleen Koorenhof
Contribution: €450. Receipts provided on request.
Bank info: Empowering Presence  IBAN NL64BUNQ 2052 158 073
To register: welcome@heartpresence.nl
Early Bird Discount: €350 if paid by August 18 2024
Deposit of 50 euro required at the time of registration. €25 Of that fully refundable up to 1 week before the training.
Discounted rooms at Hotel Val Monte available. Request one on booking in reference to their arrangement with Patrick Matthews and the workshop.