healing arts consultation

Healing Arts Consultation

Healing arts are for people who want an expanded, alternative way of understanding and harmonizing the energetic patterns in the body and mind. Nishant works with the Physiospect analytical system which gives a computer read out of the various patterns in your body’s field.   It can be as broad or precise as required.

Based on the energy readings, treatments with light, sound, homeopathic frequencies and herbs are recommended.   Nishant can also give support to finding the right diet and other life style supports for your current needs.

The practice specializes in supporting an active, clear, and creative mind for optimal living.

Ideal for:physiospect image

  • Physical stresses of all kinds: tired, headaches, low vitality, stress, mystery conditions in the body-mind
  • Energy imbalances: unbalanced highs and lows and instability of moods and energy
  • Psychological stress, brain fog and unclear thinking
  • low enthusiasm
  • self doubt and self criticism
  • Inspiration issues
  • losing direction in life


Time: Sessions are variable in length.  Initial scan usually is 1 ½ hours.  Follow up treatments can be 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours.

Costs: vary according to the time.

Contact: Nishant Matthews