Earth Changes and Personal Experience

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The last several months have seen an unprecedented amount of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world.  Japan, Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea, US, England, North Pole, and Mexico are some of the hot spots.  In the USA, some likely places–California, Oregon–have been joined by many unlikely ones–Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Kansas, New Hampshire, Illinois.  Additionally there have been major volcanic eruptions in Galapagos Islands, Chile, Japan, and undersea off the coast of Oregon.
These earthquakes have been both deep in the athenosphere (350 KM deep) and shallow (less that 5 KM deep).
Simply stated, the earth is moving.  And it is quite likely moving from isolated,  minor events to larger and more powerful ones.
This movement in the earth activates deep strong vibrations in the human collective unconscious.  Whether we realize it or not,. we are part of the earth and our roots are in Her. The earth movements resonate into the deep fields of the collective human unsconscious mind. The earth changes are activated People Changes. Big, strong, changes releasing long held tensions.  Beliefs and Assumptions.
Deep down within us, something is happening, and some kind of disturbances are rippling up from the collective unconscious into the personal unconscious.
As a therapist, I can see that our personal unconscious is getting rattled, and like the earth, looking for a release and a new organization after.
There is a huge opportunity in this….and a huge sense of insecurity if we resist it.
The earth is in its new birth now, and we are invited to participate.
In this time I find a lot of stress coming into contractual arrangements, especially relationships, but also including other contractual bonds between individuals and family, government, business and such.  It is not a time of business as usual!
There are three big revolutions coming through.
A new step into freedom and personal responsibility.
First, we are no long property of the government or nation-state.
Second, we are no longer property of the family.
Third, we are no longer our own property, we are not here to be managed by our “self.”
Deep changes.
Worthy times.
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