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A New Birth is Happening Now

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Early morning earth light.   The sound of two birds rustling in the tree nearby my tent, and the more distant sound of horses running on the hard earth.  Just after 3 AM.
There are four of them in my tent.  I am surprised.  Never seen an angel before, I  thought, but here they are.  No big wings or fancy headdress, but angels never the same.
From the back corner, one of the angels walk over to me and telepathically communicates, “The earth is going through a new birth now…Because your own birth was so difficult, you project that the re-birth of the earth will have to be the same.
But it doesn’t.”
A veil drops from my eyes, something lifting that had been there since forever.
Surprise and a touch of wonder.
An excitement.
Can this be so?
My eyes are open now and the angels recede into dreamtime reality.  The tent feels empty and yet strangely full of a presence.
The birds have gone strangely quiet, as though they saw the angels and heard them too.
The sound of the zipper opening the tent releases the moment.
Color lights and sound and cool air brush into my face.
I walk across the wet morning dew.  It sparkles with the grace of Swedish clear light.
Grateful is too small a word.
My cold, wet feet tell me there is more to come.
And there is…
We are in it now.  The birthing of a new human way on planet earth is happening.  Assisted greatly by earth changes, we are shifting in levels of consciousness, away from exploitation of the earth and each other and into co-creation.
The past is not a good guide at this time, and the people who look to the past are looking in the wrong direction.
The future holds the templates that are calling us, the light intelligence that is inviting us and remembering us into the new way.
The hot spot, as always, is to be so present in the present that the present settles and relaxes and fills out into a stillness that holds a huge time field.  In that stillness and time field is the wisdom of the past and the calling of the future and the incredible potency of what is here, right now.
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