Presence in the Coronavirus

coronavirus presence

This is a personal message from Nishant.

Feel free to share it as you like and also feel free to experiment with it according to your own understanding.

1) Big picture. This is probably not the last of such fear-inducing, dangerous, economically disastrous events. More likely it is the front wave of more to come in the not-so distant future. It is a good opportunity to discover many precious things and also to let go of some of the psychological dust that has gathered over your/our souls.

2) I believe that this, and similar situations, is what Osho was specially preparing us for. This is the time!

3) Strongly suggest that, while taking good precautions – easily available on the internet – use this as a good opportunity to practice Fearless Presence in a society which is likely to get somewhat hysterical with fear.

4) Fear locks people down and locks down most of the precious resources available that promote health from the inside out. The strongest of these, of course, is love. A steady consistent flow of love is your best shield. Love is a living connection with Source, the place where all of us come from and where all things are possible. Love, when fully experienced, is also a gift people can offer to themselves, their families, friends, and into the general field of the whole society.

5) Flow of love: Osho always said that fear and love stand as polar opposites. He told me, don’t fight with fear, learn to light a candle of love.

6) The first step to a flow of love is to come out of the contraction of fear. As you all know from Presence training, the more contracted we get, the more regressed our psyche goes. In very contracted states—which you can expect in people with no grounding, no training, no dedication to finding the truth of themselves and the truth of life—irrational acts of anger, fighting, killing every microbe in sight, governmental take over of more aspects of our lives—these things are taken as the norm. The common mindset is likely to be a war mentality which justifies any and all kinds killing in the name of our “safety.”

7) Don’t buy into the necessity or reality of these states of mind. You know better.

8) One of my favorite ways of getting the flow of Love going is to give something away. Be generous. Be kind. Offer a warm contact. Offer some food. Give away some things you don’t need, and even give away some things that you might. Find opportunities to share as often as you can.

9) Be creative with how you share! One of my favorite ways is to dedicate “my” meditation to the benefit of other people. Dedicate your dynamic, or kundalini, or white robe to a wider group of friends and people you care about. Ask that whatever blessings you encounter in the meditation pass through you to all the people who could use them.

10) Another is to consciously work with the fear identities that come up. These can come up as direct fear, also as fear’s two favorite covers: greed and anger. When you experience any of these, pay close attention to “who” is the identity pattern that is creating these states. Tell that identity pattern, “my heart is big enough for you today, so come sit by my side but don’t stand between me and the world. I want my clear fresh eyes and warm clear heart to deal with the tough things inside, and using old projections to meet present reality is not a good idea for anybody. Claim the adult inside yourself and ask regressed identities to come into the warm field of your heart where they can melt and be freed of whatever karmic patterns they have been caught in.

11) When you really pay attention to the tough emotions and the regressed identities they contain, chances are you will see that 90% of old, toxic emotion is inherited. It didn’t start with us, but rather was passed on because generations before us didn’t have the ways to process it. Now we do, and our processing old emotions will benefit the souls of many people who have been karmically chained to fear, anger, grief, loss, confusion etc for a long time.

12) Conscious giving is like taking water out of a well and the more that flows out allows more new water to flow in. It brings the color back into life, the zip back into the way you walk, the light that comes from your eyes as you share your visioning with the world around you.

All of this is not difficult, and again, what I believe we have been preparing for. Our inner work here can be a real gift to the collective field as that collective field moves towards more conscious states of joyously living here on earth.

If you like to read inspirational material, read the book Father Arseny which is about a Russian priest who survived 12+ years in the soviet gulag which was designed to kill people in 2-3 years. He gave away half of his food, helped others, and prayed a lot. He lived in and on the flow of love.

Love and light.

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  1. Åsa Tarani
    Åsa Tarani says:

    Thanks a lot Nishant for the loving encouraging words ? There is something else going on right now, at the same time as we are dealing with the virus. I am thinking about the 5G roll out which is now happening in many countries across the earth. Hundreds of thousands of towers and boxes are placed everywhere as well as thousands of 5G satellites above us. I would appreciate so much if you would like to share what your intuition says about this new electromagnetic field with millimeter waves and its effects on man and nature.


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