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The Water Project

About a month ago, I was guided to start a Water Project, a way of offering positive energy and conscious intentions back into the waters of our earth.   I was told that people have been using water for all kinds of things from survival to washing to growing things to disposing of refuse….but not many people offer much back to the water that we all consume.

Now it is time to upgrade our relationship to the water around us, and also to the water inside us.

Water nourishes all the life on earth.  Water cleans the earth.  Water holds a presence on earth (the lady in the lake) that is different from the presence of earth and rock and mountains and hard solid things.

The Water Project is really simple: we start offering something back to the water. It can be a with glass of water, or a small jar, or just with the intention from our eyes, hands, and heart.  We connect with a water source near us, and offer into it.  In this offering, we acknowledge how important water is to all of us and also to our whole planet. We go beyond using the water to interacting with it in a positive way….thanking it, offering into it, listening to what comes back, celebrating our contact with all kinds of water, including that which falls from the sky.

Practically speaking, it couldn’t be easier. Each day take a small amount of water that has been energized and blessed, and put it back into the lakes, rivers, streams, canals, and even oceans that are nearby.  We can energize water through light, intention, vortexing it, and many devices which align the structure in water.  We can also do this by simply holding a water bottle and filling that water with love and gratefulness and our prayers.  Once the water absorbs the consciousness we offer it, we offer this small amount of water into the bigger water fields with the request that the prayers in our water get transmitted into the whole body of water we are offering it to.

A little clear intention will go a long way

There is a science in this Water offering. Water holds memory and intention.  The consciousness that we offer to water will be recorded in the water and transmit itself through the water.

This is the basis for how homeopathic preparations transmit tiny amounts of information and energy through a human’s body….through the water inside us.

It is also the basis for some of the Samassati Light therapies, which put light and intention into the fluids of a person’s body, and allow those fluids to transmit the information and energy of light for a long period of time after a light treatment.

          The Water Project invites an offering of gratefulness and love and cleaning energy into our lakes, rivers, streams, as well as into the water in our own bodies.

My experience so far with the Water Project is that our little offerings do make a difference. The lake nearby is “happy” for it.  I have also seen that offering into the water, and then listening to what comes back is very rewarding.  In my case the water welcomes my contact and offers back many of its precious aspects, such as the felt sense of a Resting Presence.  The recognition of Perpetual Motion.  A sense of being which is happy in choiceless direction.  And, surprisingly, a new feel for fluid styles of confrontation.

Please try it for yourself, and tell other people about it.  Gift into the water, and receive what it offers back.

It will make a big difference for all of us.



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