Empowering Presence

The biggest gift you can give yourself (and the people you care about) is knowing who you are. This is especially as you come to know the Presence within.

Presence is the state of being which is at the very center of who you are. Not far away, not hidden, Presence is what awaits anyone who has the ability to journey through the personality layers that cover it. It is the home of the true self which has been calling you your whole life. The way in is not complicated, though the lessons of the journey can be challenging.

The keys are already in your hands.

As Presence is remember, felt, and trusted, a new world opens. A world of knowing the magic of your being, and allowing that magic to interact with the people and world around you. Here you find genuinely creative ways of relating, based on an alternative foundation in Peace.

Presence knows itself as whole, as good, and with clear eyes for seeing in the present moment what is being revealed. This stands in contrast to the normal experience of personality, which is always based in memories deficiency, insecurity, and the like.

With a relaxed heart and clear eyes, a sense of fundamental goodness easily offers itself into the world around us. This offering is our magic wand. It touches the world around us in ways that also bring forth the goodness in them. Our presence offers other people a respite from their personality, it invites others into the living goodness of who they really are.

Simply put, when we offer personality, we get the personality reflections coming back. We see the bark on the trees. Not much nourishing contact happens. When we offer Presence, we allow people to release the bark of old memories and discover the present tense goodness of what is here now. Magic happens: an innate sense of connection turns on, friends materialize, co-operation is willingly offered, and Life shows itself as friendly, good, and supportive. In this state we can be taken on journeys of discovery, journeys of Truth, journeys where love becomes even more articulate, more precise.

The Workshop

This 5 day training is a time of transmission and teaching. In it you will learn the feel of your own Presence. Simple ways to come into it. Simple ways to offer it. Ways to be present to the magic that comes back to your offering.

You will learn skills for communicating through presence with other people.
You will learn skills for recovering Connection with the natural world.
You will learn ways to come back in flow with the big Fields of Consciousness out of which we all come, the place where we all share common ground.
You will learn how to journey into the Field of Organic Unity (consciousness) and find clarity for your mind and Connection for your soul.
You will develop a simple, viable alternative to addressing the world from the disjointed psychological system of the personal past, and to offer the wholeness of your Presence as an option.
You will develop the foundations for true creativity in times of crisis.
You will learn the steady love which doesn’t come and go as emotions

Dates: Please contact Nishant Matthews


Keynotes Empowering Presence:

*Step by step guidance

*You proceed at your own pace

* Re-Connecting to the magic of your Presence

*New, heartful ways to be friend with yourself, encourage your real self to share what it has to offer

*Discovering the full range of light and dark available to you, and how to bring them into a good working co-operation

*Inspiration and the skills to live this inspiration

* Recovering Soul, Meaning, and Place

* A good place to go when times are tough, when life is moving fast

*A healthy connection to your field of spiritual resources, and the spirit Team that waits for you there

*A way of living that leaves you grateful each day

*Carrying qualities that are of genuine benefit to others

*Answering the unique calling of these times