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The Family Tree and The Child’s journey

Introduction  Recently at a dinner with three colleagues, I asked them for stories of successful parenting.  The first one said, “Don’t ask me.” The second said, “me neither.”  The third just smiled and shook her head. These were mature, successful, highly educated, professionals who were also quite skilled in working with people.  All of them […]

The Water Project

The Water Project About a month ago, I was guided to start a Water Project, a way of offering positive energy and conscious intentions back into the waters of our earth.   I was told that people have been using water for all kinds of things from survival to washing to growing things to disposing of […]


Earth Changes and Personal Experience

The last several months have seen an unprecedented amount of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions around the world.  Japan, Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea, US, England, North Pole, and Mexico are some of the hot spots.  In the USA, some likely places–California, Oregon–have been joined by many unlikely ones–Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Kansas, New Hampshire, Illinois.  Additionally there have […]


The Discovering Mind

Recovering the natural intelligence in people A Discovering Mind is a natural form of intelligence in everyone. It is the ideal kind of intelligence for any and all human issues, for times of change, for creativity of all types, and for recovering spiritual connections. It is also the ultimate survival asset. Please read the whole […]