healing with consciousness

Healing with Consciousness

The biggest, most basic element in all of us in our consciousness. Consciousness is the bedrock of who we are, how our bodies are meant to function, and our best networking bridge to other people and the world around us.

This consciousness has incredible healing potentials built into it, including emotional healing, physical healing, spiritual re-connection, and more. And yet, it is also one of the least understood, least used aspects in modern medicine and most alternative healing forms.

This is course is for all people who are practitioners in any of the medical and healing arts. It is also for people who are wanting to understand how their personal consciousness can activate the light in the consciousness fields of others.

It will take you into being able to be with yourself and turning on the healing forces within yourself.

In the Conscious Medicine training, you will learn how to access the dimensions of consciousness in yourself, your clients, your bugs, and whatever else shares this creation with us. By understanding and working with consciousness, all the innate healing forces in the enormous fields of consciousness will become part of your healing repertoire.

  • Respectfully addressing the consciousness in yourself
  • Respectfully addressing the consciousness in diseases, pathogen, and healing substances
  • Working with what consciousness offers, not against it
  • Opening to the discoveries that consciousness offers anyone willing to meet it
  • Discovering the art of coming through any state of adversity as an enriched human Being

The training will unfold the basic four steps for Conscious Medicine:

  1. Respect and connect with the consciousness in everything and everyone
  2. Be with what is offered
  3. Follow the invitation to Be inside of the physical and psychological world, coming into the open space within everything. Turning on the light within each and everyone from these inner spaces
  4. Learn the lessons of the situation and adapt to a new way of living that embodies the lessons of the situation.

This course is section 1 in the Conscious Medicine Series.