samassati color therapy

Samassati Color Therapy

“Don’t fight with darkness, better light a candle”

Each of us has inside the resources we need to live a graceful, healthy, loving, and inspired life. While most of us have lost contact with many of these resources, they are not far away.  With color light, each of us has the capacity to come back into our fundamental wholeness, and allow this wholeness to come through in our daily lives.

Samassati Colortherapy is a graceful way of regaining contact with the natural health within ourselves. First it dissolves the fields of stress, tension, and confusion that are in the body and mind.   Then it does deeper into the person to stimulate the natural resources that are there.  Light will turn them on. In the field of light, our resources come back, and with them our natural health, the sanity of our emotions, the clarity of our mind.

We get to be ourselves again.

Samassati Colortherapy excels in a wide variety of situations:

  1. For people who are wanting a deeper, clearer understanding of who they are.
  2. For people who find themselves repeating unsatisfying emotional patterns.
  3. For people looking for support with physical health.
  4. For people who know there is a deeper creative urge inside that wants to be recognized and encouraged
  5. For parents who wish to create a richer climate of health and connection in family life.
  6. For practitioners and therapists who wish to offer a new dimension of depth to their skills.
  7. For groups of people who are ready to explore an open system of problem solving based on the resources of an expanded consciousness.

The training
The training is experiential.  They involve teaching, demonstrations of the techniques and, supervised session exchanges.  Everybody gets to experience what it is like to give such a session and also to receive it.

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