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The Friend

The Friend is a way of being with yourself.  A way of being where the self that you know learns to absolutely turn on the Self that you don’t know.  Yet. When we can offer our self the same warm quality of attention that we offer to others, then our true self responds as only a friend can, with gifts of inner peace, kindness, love, joy, and spontaneous wisdom.

The Friend is an invitation to journey into and through our created selves so that we can reunite with the original self, our True Nature.  The way of the Friend’s journey is through heartful intimacy with all the aspects of our self—good or not.  In the Friend’s warmth and understanding, we recover a magical kind of intimacy within our self.  We find the self will communicate with us, and, as we learn its ways, it will relax its rigidity and controls.  In that relaxation we are invited into deeper levels of our self, the places where the created self and the Being are more clearly co-existing.

In the light of the inner friend, it is easy to recover our ability to be intimate with our self, to allow and encourage our unique being to unfold.  The Friend offers practical skills to bring wholesome attention within, to offer to our self the quality of attention that will encourage the Inner One to reveal and grow. Along the way, this book offers sensible, compassionate understanding to the state of separation we have inside.  It teaches a way of seeing that brings clarity and love.

The workshop

The Friend workshop is an experiential journey in discovering your self.  It includes inquiry, insight teachings, meditation, body awareness and shamanic drumming.