healing therapy

Portals to presence

Spirit Keepers know that there is a world within the world, a place of reality that you can touch and taste and count on in times when the outer world is missing something essential.

We look for portals of presence where we can drop through the world of busyness and should and ought and into the world of cool, still, connected, Presence. Can be from moment of contact with something in nature, a moment when our eyes open and really see. Can also be in times of contact with other people when suddenly the chatter turns into communication and the communication drops into communion. Can come in a glance at a rainbow, or the ancient sun rising fresh and clean for a new day.

In the portals of presence we remember how good the world basically is, and that we have a place in this good world. It is the ground that birthed us, the ground we stand on today. It brings nourishment and courage to our hearts, love into our eyes, clarity to the mind. It has nothing to do with any thing we have to do, or even who we think we are. It is the clear light of Being that is here and now, sharp and present any time we are open to it.

This workshop is to encourage and strengthen your ability to discover and enter through the portals of Presence that appear in your life. We will be working with elements of Tibetan tantra, nature wisdom, and the spirits of the Finland forest, as well as modern tools of self understanding. All of this is to open your eyes and heart to the natural world just under your feet so that you can find that same Presence wherever you are, in the city or forest, alone or with company. Then the magic begins!