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Heart of Presence

Heart of Presence is a training for the new times that we live in. It is not a therapy group from the previous century, but rather a way of living in tune with your unique being and also being in touch with the new world that is unfolding around us. You will learn counseling skills, the art of being ourselves, Fearless Presence, and Living in Attunement.
The outcome is a settled, relaxed way of being yourself and allowing the gifts inside you to co-create a better world for all of us.

Presented in three 5-day modules.

This training is offered through Osho Risk in Denmark. Osho Risk is a meditation community in the countryside of Denmark which has been offering workshops, trainings, and retreats for the past thirty years. More information about Osho Risk at

Titles of the modules:
1) The Heart Of Presence
2) Maitri: The Golden Key
3) The Gift: The Art of Co-Creation

Each module features inquiry, guided meditations, movement meditations in open space, and Psycho-Shamanic training. Even more, there is the gift of your own In-Tuition (self-teaching) coming awake. This training happens in the framework of the daily meditations at Osho Risk incl. the Evening Meditation.

Recommended literature:
Nishant Matthews – The Friend: Finding Compassion with Yourself