Forest Retreat

Re-Friend Yourself

3 – 5 October 2022

A Personal Retreat at a Beautiful location in the forest at the Veluwe

In this retreat you will come to know simple skills for dropping through the conditioned layers of your heart and into the field of Presence. Here you come home to your timeless heart and the empowered Love that lives right in the center of you. In this new field of heart centered consciousness, we recover one of our deepest gifts: the tender heart. This is the heart that knows its hurts and pains and can meet people on this level. It also means the heart that knows its light and timeless Presence. In this tender heart a new way of healing human wounding opens, a new force of love flows through us all.


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Registration is limited to 12 people
Price: € 525 incl stay, drinks and meals cooked by Thérèse van den Akker

Location Mollenvlied, Hattumseweg 14, 8171 RD Vaassen

Akhail  (new name, Nishant re-configured) is passionately dedicated to supporting the new consciousness in these times of change and challenge.

Find a renewal, a deep refreshment for heart and soul

It’s been a long time coming, but I believe we are there now.

In 2011 I received a very clear guidance that told me, “The earth is going through a new birth now … because your personal birth was so traumatic, you think that the birth of the earth also has to be traumatic. But it doesn’t have to be that way … Your work now is to develop the Heartskills for people to find a new way into this new earth that is being born.”

I took that guidance as my guiding light and developed programs and skills all with the intention of helping people find the heart that can come through the tough times and into the light that is calling. A lot of these heart skills have involved “Re-Friending.” This is a phrase I was given to use, as I had never heard it before or heard any one talk about it before. Re-friending is a way of being present with another (or yourself) so that the one you are present with can open, unfold, and discover new truth, just by being with you.

In the Mollenvlied retreat you will be in a nourishing, warm atmosphere where you can truly “Re-Friend” yourself. You will be shown Heartskills, given plenty of opportunity for enquiries of all types, and also be embraced in the Presence field that comes through Akhail. In this art of re-friending, you can come to recognize your wounds in a way that allows them to show you something more than where you usually get caught. In Re-Friending you can offer a heart which transforms … they are not enemies or obstacles, but bridges into deeper connections with others, a new field loving kindness and respect in you. You will also discover how to contact the Lightsources which are available to you. When the light comes in, the poison comes out, and you get a clearer, simpler recognition of the real you … one who is hurt, one who is not, and most importantly of all, the one who is in your deep Center.

Yes, it has been a long time coming, but we are here now. This is the consciousness that these times are calling for … where real love comes out of a real you.

For those of you who feel a resonance here, please join in … and let us know soon. It will be a small, intimate gathering so space is limited. Be sure to get your place as soon as you can.

It will be a joy to re-connect again … and re-friend in a field of friends.

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